Dear Beer,
Around the surprisingly young age of fourteen, we were introduced and became inseparable for nearly forty years. Throughout puberty we trusted in each other, all the good and the bad times yet to come. When serious relationships came into the picture, you were right there for me. I trusted you’d get me through anything. When I got married and had children, I held on to our friendship, in spite of the distance you brought between me and my family. I promised my wife that things would change, but you were becoming the only family i had left. How in the hell could I desert you now? I needed you, so I held on to our relationship even more. Why, you were there for me when my father passed, throughout my divorce, and all the bad times I needed your support or comfort, you were there. People thought I was insane, and I was, with this obsession that you became upon me.

At times I thought I could moderate the times we spent together, only to find your existence became more apparent. You put me through legal difficulties and I became imprisoned for the times and crimes you bestowed upon me. You’ve cost me my very existence of rational thought or comprehension of dealing with life on life’s terms. I can’t go anywhere, there you are, squeezing my life out and fermenting my every thought. You used me up and spit me out like there’s no tomorrow, but I got news for you, we’re through. I’ve got a new friend now, one that’s true. One that I thank each morning when I wake, and one that I praise for blessing me with the courage to rid myself from your sorry ass.

So in closing, if our path never crosses it’ll be too soon and lord help you if you even try to pull me back into your grasp. With my new found friend, and the meetings I attend, you’ll surely not hold onto me in your clutches ever again. One day at a time, and the lord’s help , I’m free and sober to live once again.
Never Yours,

PS. Oh yeah, tell brother Whiskey the same!
Good-Bye, Need not Reply.