Family, I don’t really know what that is.Friends, I ain’t had that since I was a little kid.

And every time I think shit going good,

It gets fucked up again.

Reading the Bible and getting no understanding.

Can I be forgiven if I’m still sinning?

I remember my dad, out fucking his whores.

What is he waiting for?

His cock to fall off?

Too busy out smoking crack rocks to raise me.

Went from a baby to a man,

But sometimes I still act like a child

Because I was raised by my own hands.

Easily influenced ‘cause I was always trying to fit in.

I remember when my mom died.

It was a fucked up surprise,

But no tears came down my eyes.

‘Cause I guess I didn’t realize the situation,

Or maybe because she died so sudden,

And without no explanation.