—A Community Ensemble—

Home is a place I used to live a long time ago.


Home is everywhere and nowhere.


Home is where I lay my head.


Joseph Sinkiewicz

Joseph Sinkiewicz


Home is people’s sanctuary.


Home is where family meet.


Home is the dwelling place of your soul.


Home is a bottle of beer and a place to go to sleep.


Home is comfort and a good meal.


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Home is where the heart is; it is where we plant our feet.


Home is where there is peace and quiet.


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Home is where the devil pervades and peace prevails.


Home is prayer.



Home is being with your loved ones.


Home is a gas station.


Home is my mother.


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Home is where you should have peace, happiness, support,

acceptance, security, comfort, love, and reassurance. Home is also a

place where you can express yourself with transparency and without

fear of ridicule or rejection. Home is not the four walls and roof that

you live in; it is like the song says, a place where there is love surrounding

you and overflowing. It’s a place to gain direction, a place to

rejuvenate yourself. A place that stays in your heart long after you’ve

moved on in your life. Home is where we find our blessings, plant our

roots, and grow our wings.



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  1. renny February 4, 2011 at 4:38 am #

    Home is really a belssing given by god to us……………Joey you are too good to let out your feelings in this poem……….God bless you always……….:)

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