Issue IV-1

summer 2012

Inspiration – Darryl Anthony

I would ask John Lennon what inspired him to inspire others.  His main way to inspire was music, because everyone listens to music and it touches the heart.  I have always wanted to inspire people, whether or not I can focus on one way to do it.  I want to be successful, and have people […]

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Something to Look Forward To – Darryl Anthony

You know, having something to look forward to is the basis for all life.  The basic is waking up each day.  The rest ranges from whatever each individual desires.  My desire is to have my own place.  In Alabama, I was doing alright.  I had shelter, a van, a job, people at the job who […]

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Parents – Darryl Anthony

I’m still learning about my parents. I was never truly raised by them, at least that’s what I tell myself. I lived with them till I was 10, then I went to various placements and group homes. For a long time I held a grudge, thinking that I was in those places because they didn’t […]

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Writing from pictures in my mind – Tommy 9/28/11

The tractor is red. The tires on the front, they’re small but the ones on the back are huge. Between the tires, that’s the spot where my brother and I stand. We hold o to the back of my sister’s seat for dear life. Barely moving we see the dirt come up between the tread […]

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6 Word Stories

Been there, done that, still standing.            – Keith B. Morgan And after all, the sun arose.           – Keith B Morgan Everything that’s good has some negativity.           – Darryl Anthony Good man lost, tried too hard.           […]

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Talking Sidewalks Release Event- February 7th 5-6 pm

Come join contributors for the release of the recent issue of Talking Sidewalks, a magazine dedicated to dealing with issues of homelessness in the Chapel Hill community. Contributors will share stories and read excerpts from the magazine’s most recent publication. The release event will take place on February 7th from 5-6 pm at Flyleaf Books. […]

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No Explanation

Joe— No Explanation Family, I don’t really know what that is. Friends, I ain’t had that since I was a little kid. And every time I think shit going good, It gets fucked up again. Reading the Bible and getting no understanding. Can I be forgiven if I’m still sinning? I remember my dad, out […]

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Saying Goodbye to my Best Friend

Dear Beer, Around the surprisingly young age of fourteen, we were introduced and became inseparable for nearly forty years. Throughout puberty we trusted in each other, all the good and the bad times yet to come. When serious relationships came into the picture, you were right there for me. I trusted you’d get me through […]

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Anthony-part1 Anthony-part2

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